Quolum is a leader in Small-Business SaaS Spend Management on G2Quolum is a leader in SaaS Spend Management on G2Quolum is a leader in Small-Business SaaS Spend Management on G2Quolum is a leader in SaaS Spend Management on G2Quolum is a leader in SaaS Spend Management on G2

Reduce SaaS Spend. Increase Governance.

• Automatic discovery and inventory of SaaS apps.

• Use utilization data to negotiate and renew subscriptions.

• Integrate with expense cards, accounting, and SSO systems.

• Reduce SaaS Security threats.

How Mega Games Caught $18k in Overspend with Quolum SaaS Management

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Streamline your SaaS management with our all-in-one dashboard. Simplify purchases, transactions, invoices, and contracts to enhance efficiency. Enforce Spend Control and streamline your expense management processes by effortlessly accessing vendor-aggregated invoices.


Unattended and unused SaaS apps present significant security challenges. Our solution enables Security and IT teams to manage and assess their entire SaaS app portfolio efficiently, ensuring alignment with organizational risk and governance objectives. Simplify your SaaS security journey with Quolum.

Spend Owners

Stop wasting time on non-revenue generating activities that do not contribute to your key performance indicators (KPIs). Simplify your spending responsibilities and eliminate finance and procurement hassles. No more handling invoice requests, product inquiries, or renewal justifications. Free up your team's time and energy by relying on Quolum for strategic buying and renewal.

SaaS Spend Management Will Reduce Your Expenses

Spend reduction is not rocket science if we follow the money. What was bought? Who bought it? Where is the evidence?

Quolum tracks your expenses before and after purchase, allowing you to identify inefficient products and cancel their subscriptions.

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SaaS Management for the Security-conscious buyer

Less than 10% of SaaS apps are managed by Identity and Access Management (IAM) products. Even popular apps pose a significant security risk due to privileged access vulnerabilities, creating a major gap in the organization's security infrastructure.

Quolum monitors the security posture of hundreds of apps and analyzes millions of signals to identify potential threats posed by apps and users.

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Data-driven SaaS renewals

Why negotiate a lower per-seat price—when you can identify and eliminate extra seats instead?

Know your true app usage needs with Quolum’s deep integration with hundreds of apps, tracking utilization beyond login and Single Sign-On (SSO) data.

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SaaS usage is exploding 25% year-over-year. While 30% of SaaS products are never used.

Procure, pay and optimize your SaaS fleet in the most efficient way possible.


We use over 50 independent software subscriptions. Quolum allows us to have a single pane of view for all these expenses, helps us understand what we're spending on, and how much we're spending and this helps us quickly identify and curtail waste spending.

Rishen KapoorCo-founder and CEO, Toplyne