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A Guide to Vendr Alternatives and Competitors

Introduction Every year, companies use more and more SaaS tools to make their work faster, easier and more efficient. Vendr is one of many...
9 min read

The Best Tropic Alternatives to Reduce Your SaaS Spend by Thousands of Dollars

For a long time, Tropic has marketed itself as a holistic SaaS management tool. In a nutshell, it promises to streamline your SaaS workflows...
12 min read

Want to Save Thousands Every Year? Get the Lowdown on GitHub Pricing Plans

Founded in 2008, GitHub is arguably one of the most famous tools for software development. It also sees a lot of money wasted on...
11 min read

Webflow Pricing – Everything You Need To Know To Save Tons of Money

Often used to build and host websites, Webflow has massively grown in popularity. Unsurprisingly, Webflow's pricing plans can be quite confusing. With SaaS spend higher...
11 min read

Zylo Pricing and Plans Explained

Zylo wants to distinguish itself from its peers by being the most comprehensive SaaS management tool on the market. But does it live up...
13 min read

3 Best Zylo Alternatives Your Business Should Try

Thanks to its fame as an all-in-one tool, Zylo is one of the most popular SaaS management platforms on the market. Unfortunately, it is...
12 min read

Calendly Pricing Guide: How to Save on Calendly’s Paid Tiers

Calendly’s revolutionary attributes makes it a popular scheduling tool for individuals and companies alike. Although its Basic plan is excellent for individuals, it has...
8 min read

HubSpot Pricing Plans: Top Ways to Save Money on HubSpot Subscriptions

HubSpot is a cloud-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software designed to help businesses market and sell their services efficiently.HubSpot has five CRM hubs: Marketing,...
12 min read

Mailchimp Pricing Guide: How to Spend Less on Mailchimp

You likely found this article by searching "how much is Mailchimp?" or "how much does Mailchimp cost?". Now that you know what all three...
10 min read