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Mansoor Ahmed


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Your Guide to Hands-On SaaS Vendor Management in 2022

When you think about managing business expenses like pens, snacks, and computer monitors, it’s pretty obvious that you need a system to track all...
6 min read

How to Optimize SaaS Costs, Licenses and Contracts

Is your business wasting money on shadow IT, and under utilized licenses? Here are 7 steps to optimize SaaS costs, licenses and contracts.
5 min read

Become a Procurement Pro with These 7 SaaS Best Practices

Companies spend thousands of dollars on software they don’t need. Follow these SaaS best practices to become a procurement pro in 2022.
5 min read

FinTech Compliance: 4 Certifications (and 5 Vendors) to Consider 

Looking into FinTech compliance? Here are the 4 certifications you need—and 5 vendors that can help you become compliant. 
5 min read

Stripe vs Plaid: What You Need to Know About These SaaS Payment Integrations and Where Your Money Goes

Stripe vs Plaid: Here’s what you need to know about these SaaS payment integrations.
5 min read

6 Ways Tech Workers Can Improve Their Sleep

One in three tech workers has a sleep problem, and that is a conservative estimate. The answer lies in behavioral changes: Here are a...
6 min read

How to Negotiate SaaS Contracts: 10 Levers to Pull 

Are you getting the most out your SaaS spend? Learn how to negotiate SaaS contracts with these ten essentials.
7 min read

Slashing the Cost of Adobe Sign and DocuSign

Are you maxing out your Adobe Sign or DocuSign feature use? Are you getting good value for the price?
5 min read

Recapturing the Cost of Workday and Similar Tools

Workday is a powerful, enterprise-scale tool. But it can be a costly one, too, if you don’t optimize it properly.
6 min read

Optimizing Zendesk: Rightsizing Your Plan

Optimizing Zendesk isn’t always easy. Here are the best ways to get the most out of your subscription and save money along the way.
6 min read

Optimizing Your Spend on Zoom (or Any Other Communications Tools)

Zoom is the gold standard for online meeting software, but its cost can get out of hand if you’re not careful.
9 min read

The Evolution of the Card Scanning Machine

The card scanning machine has come a long way since the knuckle buster, sometimes requiring no scanners at all.
7 min read