Mansoor Ahmed


9 Stories by Mansoor Ahmed

What Is Shadow IT?

Deployed without authorization from the IT department, shadow IT introduces unnecessary risks and costs.
5 min read

Uncovering and Controlling Shadow IT

SaaS and BYOD are core contributors to the Shadow IT menace. Unknown applications have corporate data that is untraceable.
13 min read

SaaS Contract Management: What to Negotiate, And Why

Click-through agreements are so infrequently read, there are comedies about what we might be agreeing to, but SaaS contract management is no joke.
7 min read

Best Metrics for Measuring SaaS Usage

Measuring SaaS usage is simply based on licenses, logins, and features.
5 min read

SaaS License Optimization: IT Asset Management for a New Age

SaaS license management not only requires managing licenses when employees onboard and off-board, but right-sizing subscriptions to optimize spend.
7 min read

Why IT Spend Management Must Evolve

Organizations have built a spend management approach around traditional SAM and ITAM. But those methods are stuck in the 90s.
6 min read

The Ultimate Buyers Guide for SaaS Spend Management

SaaS Management landscape, focusing on SaaS Spend Management and the available tools.
11 min read

Three Things to Look for When Renewing SaaS Subscriptions

Buying software on subscription has its benefits, but it can also cause problems when managing SaaS renewals.
4 min read

SaaS Cost Optimization for Modern IT Budgeting

Business leaders claim increased agility as primary reasons for choosing SaaS solutions, but those capabilities come with a cost.
7 min read