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Challenges and Opportunities of AI in Finance

AI is changing the way the finance org functions. Award winning CFO and Author Glenn gives us a sneak peek.
0 5 min read

Revolutionizing Software Purchasing with Brex and Quolum

The integration of Quolum with Brex represents the future of SaaS Management. Finance gets visibility on tech spend like never before.
3 min read

What is Vendor Relationship Management and Why Should You Master It?

There are a few universally recognized best practices for managing vendor relationships that will help business operations to run smoothly.
9 min read

The Ultimate Guide To Vendr Pricing – Is The Platform Worth It?

Vendr's pricing begins at 36,000 dollars. But is it really worth the money? The jury is out on that one.
7 min read

The Productiv Pricing Guide– Is Productiv Worth It?

Introduction As great as SaaS has been for the tech sector, there’s no doubt that it’s easy to get lost in the different kinds...
12 min read

Vendr vs Tropic – Which Is a Better Option?

Introduction “Is SaaS expensive?” It is a question that more and more tech CEOs and CFOs are asking every day. Broadly speaking, there are...
0 12 min read

Slack Pricing Guide 2023: How to Save Money on Slack Paid Plans

Your slack buzzes. Odds are you know that sound. It’s inevitably associated with the modern workforce, especially in the era of remote work. The...
13 min read

A CFO’s Guide to Staying Relevant & Efficient In The Post Pandemic Market

Navigating a recession is challenging as a CFO. Here are some best practices, as shared by Viktor Juhasz, the CFO at Atos.
4 min read

Productiv Alternatives with the Best ROI

Productiv is one of the most popular SaaS management tools, but it comes with many downsides, such as high price or lack of advanced...
12 min read

A Complete Guide to the SaaS Procurement Process

In this guide, we’ll review what SaaS procurement is, explain how to manage procurement, and talk about some best practices to get the most...
12 min read

SaaS Pricing Models: The Guide to the Big 5

SaaS purchasing is a tricky art to master. In this guide we cover the top pricing models.
11 min read

Monthly vs. Annual SaaS Subscriptions – Which Option is Better?

This post breaks down various subscription models while covering their pros and cons.
12 min read