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Productiv Alternatives with the Best ROI

Productiv is one of the most popular SaaS management tools, but it comes with many downsides, such as high price or lack of advanced...
12 min read

A Complete Guide to the SaaS Procurement Process

In this guide, we’ll review what SaaS procurement is, explain how to manage procurement, and talk about some best practices to get the most...
12 min read

SaaS Pricing Models: The Guide to the Big 5

SaaS purchasing is a tricky art to master. In this guide we cover the top pricing models.
11 min read

Monthly vs. Annual SaaS Subscriptions – Which Option is Better?

This post breaks down various subscription models while covering their pros and cons.
12 min read

Procurement vs. Purchasing – What is the Difference?

Introduction When acquiring services and goods for the functioning of a company, the terms ‘procurement’ and ‘purchasing’ are often mistaken as meaning the same...
9 min read

How to Build a Smart SaaS Stack for Marketing Teams

Marketing is taking a bigger slice of the pie in 2022. In fact, three out of four Chief Marketing Officers said that their budget...
6 min read

Pros and Cons of Procurement Outsourcing

SaaS Procurement takes time, energy, expertise – and it’s always changing. Sounds exhausting right? It is. That’s why many companies are relying on procurement...
6 min read

Everything You Need to Know about SaaS Compliance

We’re livin’ in a SaaS world! When software is part of every task we complete at the office, it’s easy for SaaS compliance issues...
7 min read

Do You Need a SaaS Manager? [With Sample Job Description]

Do you need a SaaS manager? That’s a question for many of today’s employers in nearly any industry. Traditionally, businesses hire IT Asset Managers...
6 min read

The 5 Best Fintech Apps to Help You Optimize Your SaaS Spend

If any part of your banking is online, you’ll be using a Fintech app. Financial technology (Fintech) is a quickly growing and thriving form...
6 min read

Expense Management Doesn’t Have to Be Hard: How to Use An Employee Expense Debit Card

All too often, we hear how complicated expense policies are bogging down companies. They’re tripped up by red tape at every corner and only...
5 min read

What is Tail Spend Management?

Tail spend, also known as C-material or maverick spend, is an unavoidable reality of running a business. It’s easy to manage large scale purchases—but...
4 min read