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Why #GetSleepDone–Snoozing our Website

An estimated 45% of the world population suffers from a sleep disorder. Someone had to bring it in the public eye.
4 min read

I Analyzed SaaS Billing Dark Patterns

SaaS vendors are exploiting growth loops to hit the jackpot with recurring billing. Some of these practices are not just notorious but borderline illegal.
9 min read

Brex vs. Ramp: A startup founder’s perspective

Brex and Ramp offer two of the top credit cards for startups. Here’s what you need to know about both options.
7 min read

Traditional Expense Cards are Not Built for SaaS Spend Management

Traditional expense cards have been a handy tool for financial control, but have not kept up with subscription software. Here’s how they fall short.
6 min read

SaaS Management Tools: 7 Key Features to Look For

There are many SaaS management tools on the market. Ensure that you are procuring the one that suits the needs of your organization.
5 min read

Cancelling SaaS Subscriptions: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Cancelling a subscription to a single SaaS product can be straightforward or complicated, depending on the cancellation flow.
7 min read

Measuring SaaS Consumption

Measuring SaaS consumption prevents accumulation of shelf-ware, tier lock-ins, and long-term contracts.
3 min read

Can SAM manage SaaS Spend? A historical peek

This post tracks down the history of Software Asset Management and opines that tools and processes to manage SaaS spend have to be redone.
6 min read

How the future of Human Capital will reshape SaaS

A Human Capital perspective on SaaS growth, including opportunities (and risk) companies face with multi-generational talent.
5 min read

The CFO Lens on Responsible SaaS Spending

Wailun’s session was a vivid reminder that the role of Finance has already moved beyond bookkeeping to steering the business through investments.
6 min read

Adapt and Thrive in 2020s Black Swans

Zoom chat with Rajan and Abhishek on how real-world investors view the current environment and what that means for startups looking to survive.
7 min read

Introducing our virtual event Quolum Live: Drive growth through responsible SaaS spending

Short teasers of a few sessions at our upcoming Quolum Live Event.
1 min read