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22 Stories by Indus Khaitan

Measuring SaaS Consumption

Measuring SaaS consumption prevents accumulation of shelf-ware, tier lock-ins, and long-term contracts.
3 min read

Can SAM manage SaaS Spend? A historical peek

This post tracks down the history of Software Asset Management and opines that tools and processes to manage SaaS spend have to be redone.
6 min read

How the future of Human Capital will reshape SaaS

A Human Capital perspective on SaaS growth, including opportunities (and risk) companies face with multi-generational talent.
5 min read

The CFO Lens on Responsible SaaS Spending

Wailun’s session was a vivid reminder that the role of Finance has already moved beyond bookkeeping to steering the business through investments.
6 min read

Adapt and Thrive in 2020s Black Swans

Zoom chat with Rajan and Abhishek on how real-world investors view the current environment and what that means for startups looking to survive.
7 min read

Introducing our virtual event Quolum Live: Drive growth through responsible SaaS spending

Short teasers of a few sessions at our upcoming Quolum Live Event.
1 min read

A Supply Chain Approach to scaling SaaS consumption

The operational concepts of the physical world Supply-Chain could be a key driver to scale future SaaS consumption.
5 min read

Why Responsible Software Spending

While consumption of best of the breed technology products increases efficiency, ad hoc purchases lead to underutilization, data sprawl, and risks.
6 min read

Why Quolum

The previous journey as an entrepreneur started during the subprime mortgage crisis. Now another one amidst a global pandemic.
3 min read

Why Serverless

Serverless is a paradigm shift in on-demand cloud computing architecture. With Serverless we have come to a full-circle on time-sharing.
6 min read