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Quolum Customers Can Now Access AWS Cost Control Using Vantage

3 min read Sanjay Krishna

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Vantage, an industry leader in cloud cost management. The partnership will give Quolum customers access to the Vantage Pro or Business plans at no cost whatsoever. While the move makes sense  for us, the real winners are  our customerswho receive some incredible benefits

To understand why this partnership  makes sense, it helps to understand how much SaaS consumption and cloud consumption have in common, and why visibility and management are needed for both. 

Global SaaS and Cloud Spend 

Adoption of subscription-based software services has exploded in the last decade. What started as an innocuous self-service, on-demand solution to the complex world of on-premise products is now 20% of worldwide spend on hardware and software. The category of software delivered as a subscription (SaaS), and infrastructure delivered as a public cloud, is growing steadily at 25% YoY. 

A booming venture market is fueling the adoption of cloud and SaaS in early-stage companies. In mature businesses, digital transformation is the key driver. But the rapid adoption is bringing with it some bad habits. 30% of SaaS sits on the shelf and is never utilized. Similarly, 30% of cloud resources are under-or unutilized waste. This is hard cash that could be reinvested back into core business initiatives. 

Excessive spend might be something that companies can forgive when times are good. But when it comes time to tighten the belt, the obvious starting point is overprovisioned capacity. This is where SaaS and cloud IaaS management can help.

Quolum and Vantage: A One-Two Punch for Controlling IT Spend

SaaS Spend with Quolum 

Quolum helps businesses spend responsibly on SaaS. Our SaaS Card helps business departments pay, comply, and track their consumption of SaaS products. Our Visa expense card is ring-fenced to only work on SaaS, Cloud, and digital purchases. Moreover, the 40+ integrations with SaaS vendors help our customers understand their consumption of SaaS products at an elemental level.   

Cloud Spend with Vantage

A number of our customers reached out to ask whether Quolum can do cost management for AWS, the way we do for dozens of SaaS products. Cloud cost management is a business in and of itself — not a feature that we can add in a few months. 

After looking at the hundreds of products currently on the market and what would provide the most value to our customers in the shortest amount of time, it became clear to us that partnering with an existing industry leader made the most sense. To find that leader, we looked at many things, including pricing, usage metrics, and reporting. 

AWS and cloud vendors have 100s of services onboard. Each service has its own nuanced pricing and usage mechanisms. Some services adopt a simple hourly approach (e.g. AWS EC2). Others prefer a quantity-based (e.g. AWS S3) or a metered (e.g. AWS API Gateway) approach. Throw in Reserved Instances, region-based pricing, one-time add-ons, and the complexity involved in procurement explodes.

Vantage gives developers the tools they need to decipher this complexity so that they can accurately analyze, report on, and reduce AWS costs. 

Availing this offer

Customers can now get free access to the Pro and Business plans of Vantage. As Vantage subscribers, Quolum customers can analyze their cloud spend, drill down into individual resource costs, understand their cloud cost model and receive a host of other benefits. 

For customers using the SaaS Card for Cloud purchases such as AWS and GCP, they will see the offer on their dashboard under the Insights tab. Please send an email to us at if you do not see the offer card.

Quolum and Vantage: Cut from the Same Cloth

For fun, we took the hero text of Vantage and replaced “Cloud” with “SaaS.” The result sounded like something that we could use as our own hero on the Quolum homepage with slight g/re/p 😉. This just shows how similar the two companies are in terms of their goals and values! We hope that this will be a beneficial partnership for all going forward.

About Quolum

Quolum is a full-stack SaaS Spend Management product. Its data-driven renewals, spend controls, license monitoring, contract oversight, and a buying concierge helps companies save millions of dollars in spending.
Quolum is ideal for companies that have hundreds of SaaS tools. Finance, Procurement, IT Teams, and departmental spend owners use Quolum to help manage SaaS sprawl and remove shelf-ware.
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