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Top 4 BetterCloud alternatives that save you money in 2023

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BetterCloud is one of the leading SaaS management tools. But is it the best? If you’ve found this article, you’re probably not convinced, and are looking for a Bettercloud alternative. 

BetterCloud markets itself as a tool that companies can use to massively improve their operational efficiency. With BetterCloud, IT and security teams can manage and secure their applications. The platform allows users to centralize their SaaS management, automate routine processes, and monitor for security threats. BetterCloud is a popular choice among organizations looking to streamline their SaaS operations and enhance their security posture.

But it isn’t the only solution on the market. There are a variety of tools that offer different features that BetterCloud lacks, and many of them are cheaper too!

Key points

  • BetterCloud is one of the most popular SaaS management tools on the market. It’s efficient, easy to use and has a wide range of functions. However, it doesn’t really help companies save money. But other tools do. 
  • Quolum is a SaaS management platform that allows companies to save 30% on their SaaS expenses by eliminating and optimizing unnecessary subscriptions, tracking SaaS usage, and negotiating contracts on the customer’s behalf.
  • Other BetterCloud alternatives that will help you save money on SaaS are Productiv, Zluri and Binadox.

What is BetterCloud? Pros and Cons

According to a recent report by Zippia, BetterCloud generates $35.5M in revenue annually – meaning it’s one of the most profitable SaaS management companies in the world. Thus, it’s natural to expect this company to offer some amazing services and features. With that in mind, let’s have a look at some of the biggest pros of BetterCloud.

The biggest pros of BetterCloud

Here are some of the reasons why BetterCloud is one of the most popular SaaS management platforms:

  • It goes to great lengths to mitigate data oversharing – which in turn enhances security.
  • It offers great app discovery options – an essential feature in the ever-changing SaaS world.
  • With zero-touch automation features, it saves companies hours of work on a daily basis.
  • It includes easy automation of SaaS workflows, allowing repetitive processes to be streamlined and work to be managed efficiently.
  • It syncs seamlessly and rapidly with all GSuite applications.
  • It has a great User Interface (UI), which makes it very pleasant to use.
  • It helps companies automate their essential compliance tasks.

While there’s no doubt that BetterCloud has helped hundreds of teams to be more productive, this popular SaaS management platform also comes with its fair share of negatives. Let’s take a look at them.

The biggest cons of BetterCloud

Not every company is over the moon with BetterCloud. Here’s what critics say about this platform:

  • It doesn’t really save you money other than by identifying unutilized software.
  • It does not help companies to negotiate better SaaS subscription deals with vendors – meaning it’s not great for cost-cutting.
  • It is known for its poor customer service, with bug reports taking too long to be answered and requests to cancel subscriptions being ignored.

According to a recent report by Zippia, BetterCloud generates $35.5M in revenue annually – meaning it’s one of the most profitable SaaS management companies in the world. Thus, it’s natural to expect this company to offer some amazing services and features. With that in mind, let’s have a look at some of the biggest pros of BetterCloud.

While there’s no doubt that BetterCloud has helped hundreds of teams to be more productive, this popular SaaS management platform also comes with its fair share of negatives. Let’s take a look at them.

  • For a tool that is supposed to make subscription canceling a lot easier, BetterCloud’s own auto-renewal option is overtly complex.
  • It can be very difficult to use – to the point where it can take an absolute beginner at least a few weeks to master it.
  • Onboarding employees can be extremely time-consuming.

Unhappy with BetterCloud, many companies look elsewhere for their SaaS management needs. These are some of the best BetterCloud alternatives that will save you money.

Top 4 BetterCloud alternatives that offer a better deal

There’s no doubt that BetterCloud is one of the best SaaS management tools out there. But is it perfect? Not quite. To start with, it doesn’t really help when it comes to cutting costs. At a time when many companies are strapped for cash due to the global financial crisis, this can be a decisive factor.

So, what are the BetterCloud alternatives that will genuinely help you save money? Let’s have a look.

1. Quolum

Quolum was born to help companies manage SaaS applications effectively while saving money. Basically, Quolum does everything that BetterCloud does – and then some. And it’s not just about saving money. In fact, Quolum also saves you the one thing that you can’t get back – time. 

How? By taking care of your procurement and contract renewals. Quolum aggregates all your contracts, invoices and spend in one place. Additionally, it also uncovers your shelfware and gets rid of your duplicate subscriptions. And there’s more.

In only a few years, it has already become one of the most promising SaaS management tools on the market. This is why:

The biggest pros of Quolum

  • Without a doubt, the biggest advantage of Quolum is that it helps your company save money. On average, Quolum has saved its clients a whopping 30% on their SaaS costs – in fact, they even saved the startup GetMega $18,000 on a single app.
  • Quolum talks the talk and walks the walk – if you don’t save money, you won’t have to pay
  • It takes care of your SaaS procurement for you, finding duplicate SaaS tools, negotiating renewals and ensuring that all your contracts are right for you.
  • It’s an all-in-one SaaS management tool – you won’t have to use any other software to manage your SaaS apps.
  • Quolum features over 100 feature-level integrations with popular SaaS tools like Amplitude, Confluence, Datadog, Dropbox, Salesforce, and Hubspot.
  • Quolum can negotiate subscription contracts for you to get you the best possible deals.
  • It features integrated payments, invoice aggregation and a SaaS-only card for company-wide use.
Quolum is one of the best SaaS management platforms on the market.
Quolum is one of the best SaaS management platforms on the market.

The biggest cons of Quolum

  • It lacks automated onboarding and offboarding features, so you’ll have to take care of those tasks manually.
  • Quolum is a holistic SaaS management solution that works best when the entire company – from finance and IT – buys into it. Results aren’t as impressive when used in isolation.

2. Productiv

There’s little doubt that Productiv is one of the most efficient SaaS management tools out there. With more than 65,000 SaaS applications in their database, Productiv is famous for its outstanding app discovery features. On top of that, this management platform boasts an easy-to-use dashboard that even an absolute beginner can use without much trouble.

Productiv’s logo.
Productiv’s logo.

The biggest pros of Productiv

  • It excels at shadow IT discovery (software used without the approval of the IT department), adding an extra layer of security to a company’s SaaS defenses.
  • It helps companies to be up to date with security compliance.
  • It equips companies with a good range of in-depth data, empowering them to take smart, data-driven business decisions.
  • It includes an easy-to-use dashboard from which you can access data about all your company’s SaaS apps.

The biggest cons of Productiv

  • Like BetterCloud, Productiv doesn’t integrate SaaS purchasing – meaning it doesn’t really help you to trim down costs.
  • Its reporting dashboard is quite poor, and companies have to resolve their issues with the platform by themselves.
  • It might be too cumbersome for smaller companies.
  • It doesn’t take care of the subscription renewal and negotiation processes for you.
  • It requires the help of third-party systems to automatize certain tasks.

Productiv is great at what it does – which is identifying shadow IT and providing companies with in-depth stats and reports. But when it comes to reducing costs, it’s not quite there yet.

3. Zluri

Zluri was born in 2020 with one objective in mind – to simplify the world’s transition to SaaS. Since then, Zluri has grown exponentially – to the point where it’s one of the leading SaaS management platforms today. Unlike many of its competitors, Zluri completely automates onboarding and offboarding. It also promises to save its clients a ton of cash. But is that right? Let’s have a look…

The biggest pros of Zluri

  • Like Quolum, Zluri can monitor your subscription renewals and provide you with in-depth data that allows you to make smart business decisions.
  • It minimizes the risk of shadow IT thanks to its great app discovery features and extensive app library.
  • It excels at identifying unused and underutilized apps thanks to its smart discovery method.
  • It offers SaaS procurement and contract renewal monitoring to take all that workload off your hands.
  • It can automate certain manual tasks – such as onboarding and offboarding.

The biggest cons of Zluri

  • Some users have had issues with the reporting dashboard.
  • The design is poor and way too complex to use.
  • Onboarding employees is too time-consuming.
  • Usage data isn’t always reported in real time – meaning it’s not completely accurate. 
  • It requires companies to input data manually when it comes to tasks such as bulk editing, which can be extremely time-consuming.
  • Its in-depth analytics features will help you be more productive, but they won’t actually save you money once you’ve got rid of your redundant apps.
  • To make things worse, companies often struggle to interpret the data from their integrations.

It’s undeniable that Zluri has a lot of promise, but does it live up to the hype? If you ask us, not yet.

Zluri boasts a visually appealing insights and reports dashboard.

4. Binadox

The main aim of Binadox is to help companies reduce cloud overspending and keep things simple when it comes to cloud app management. And in all fairness, it succeeds at that. Binadox is also incredibly easy to use. It comes jam-packed with pie charts, dashboards and menus that will make your SaaS management a lot easier. However, it’s a tool designed to help with cloud cost, not with SaaS cost.

Binadox promises efficient license control – but what else can it do for you?
Binadox promises efficient license control – but what else can it do for you?

The biggest pros of Binadox

  • Unlike most of its competitors, Binadox actually succeeds at preventing SaaS overspending. It also allows you to be on top of your software licenses and to forecast future spending.
  • It is quite effective at uncovering and eliminating redundant or underutilized SaaS applications.
  • It is very good at cutting costs associated with cloud applications.
  • It offers extensive reports on consumption and usage patterns.
  • It offers real-time reporting and usage breakdowns – allowing you to make better managerial decisions.

The biggest cons of Binadox

  • It’s time to address the elephant in the room – as good as Binadox is, it only works for cloud applications. While they do try to do SaaS spend management, their core competence is cloud app management – not SaaS.
  • Binadox doesn’t take care of your contract renewals for you.
  • No cost-cutting options on non-cloud SaaS tools.
  • It lacks shadow IT detection features – meaning there are safer options out there.
  • It doesn’t integrate purchasing, so it’s far from being a one-stop SaaS solution.
  • It lacks automated features – meaning you have to spend quite a bit of time doing manual inputting.

Because it only works with cloud apps, Binadox is too niche to be among the best BetterCloud alternatives. It certainly serves its purpose, but it needs to be combined with other SaaS management tools.

The verdict is in – the best BetterCloud competitor is…

Now that we’ve gone through some of the most popular BetterCloud competitors on the market, it’s time to reach a verdict. Without further ado…

If you’re looking for a great SaaS management tool that will actually help you reduce costs, look no further than Quolum. Why? If you ask us, it’s all about how much money you’ll save with it. Sure, many SaaS management tools promise that they’ll help you to reduce costs. But unlike other BetterCloud alternatives, Quolum actually helps companies to trim down their SaaS spending. This is why:

  • Quolum can negotiate contract renewals for you to get you the best possible deal.
  • It can also help you decide which subscription is best for your company.
  • Quolum includes integrated purchasing – so you can do what you do best while Quolum takes care of the rest.
  • If it turns out that you’re not saving any money with Quolum, you won’t have to pay for it.
  • It features a wide range of integrations – so none of your SaaS apps will go undetected and you’ll be able to cancel your underutilized subscriptions in time.
  • Quolum helps you reclaim unused capacity so your money doesn’t go to waste.

Sounds like what your company is after? Then waste no more time and get in touch with us today to start saving money immediately. With Quolum, SaaS management has never been easier.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is BetterCloud used for?

BetterCloud is a SaaS management platform that helps companies to manage their SaaS applications through centralized dashboards and automated SaaS workflows. BetterCloud is used by companies that want to automate routine processes, identify security threats and ensure consistency throughout their organization.

What is a SaaS management platform?

A SaaS management platform is a kind of software that manages Software-as-a-Service applications by taking care of purchasing, licensing, contract renewals and shadow IT detection. Because nowadays, companies use dozens of SaaS applications on a daily basis, SaaS management platforms are more necessary than ever before.

Who are some BetterCloud competitors?

Some of the most important BetterCloud competitors include Quolum, Productiv, Zluri, Binadox, Torii, Blissfully or Cledara.

What is Quolum?

Quolum is a one-stop SaaS management tool that offers procurement, purchasing, license renewal and contract negotiation features to help companies save money. Basically, it’s like having an expert SaaS advisor with you at all times to ensure that you’re getting enough bang for your buck.

About Quolum

Quolum is a full-stack SaaS Spend Management product. Its data-driven renewals, spend controls, license monitoring, contract oversight, and a buying concierge helps companies save millions of dollars in spending.
Quolum is ideal for companies that have hundreds of SaaS tools. Finance, Procurement, IT Teams, and departmental spend owners use Quolum to help manage SaaS sprawl and remove shelf-ware.
Talk to us to get a demo of the product. You can start seeing savings in just a few weeks. No spreadsheets are required.