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The Ultimate Guide To BetterCloud Pricing Options

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As revolutionary as SaaS has been, we can all agree on one thing – it doesn’t come for free. A reliable SaaS management tool is the need of the hour for managing multiple SaaS applications. Is BetterCloud one of these legacy SaaS management tools that won’t save you money? Find out in our guide, which explains BetterCloud pricing options and examines whether this tool is worth the money.

There’s no doubt that BetterCloud is one of the leaders in the SaaS management sector. A data leak prevention tool can save your company time and prevent data leaks. These are great perks, and they shouldn’t be taken for granted.

However, SaaS management platforms are evolving fast. SaaS management tools can save your company money by automating workflows and mitigating data oversharing.

Key points

  • BetterCloud helps companies automate cumbersome manual tasks to improve productivity and security. But the jury’s still out on whether it can help your company save money.
  • Depending on your company’s needs, you have three different BetterCloud pricing options at your disposal. Discover + Platform, Manage + Platform and Secure + Platform.
  • The Discover tier focuses on cloud app discovery, shadow IT mitigation and SaaS centralization. While the Manage tier is all about implementing more productive processes. On the other hand, the Secure tier raises a company’s cyber-security baseline by identifying emerging threats and monitoring app usage.
  • Unfortunately, none of these tiers will save you much money in the long run. But don’t worry – there are BetterCloud alternatives that will. 

What is BetterCloud? 

According to a recent report, BetterCloud boasts over 2,500 customers across more than 60 different countries. That makes it one of the biggest SaaS management tools in the entire world. So how did BetterCloud get here? By helping companies maximize their operational efficiency and centralize their data protection.

In a few words, BetterCloud is a professional problem-solver for companies that use many SaaS apps. It enables zero-touch workflows, automates time-consuming processes and regulates policies across an organization’s entire SaaS portfolio.

BetterCloud Pros

Here are some of the biggest benefits that BetterCloud can bring to the table:

  • Companies can stay on top of the latest SaaS app trends with Bettercloud, which helps them recognize and register new products quickly and effectively.
  • Thanks to its automation features, it can save organizations hundreds of hours of unproductive work on a daily basis.
  • It’s user-friendly interface makes navigating and managing operations simpler than ever.
  • It allows companies to maintain SaaS compliance – which is essential for organizations working on an international level.
  • It offers seamless synchronization with G Suite applications.

However, there are also significant downsides.

BetterCloud Cons

Here are some of the most common negatives associated with BetterCloud:

  • By far, the biggest con of BetterCloud is that it fails to save you money. In fact, according to more than 250 client reviews, BetterCloud is an astounding 13% below average in cost-cutting when it comes to SaaS management platforms.
  • On a similar note, BetterCloud is behind other SaaS management platforms in many respects – such as failing to claim unused seats or not being able to negotiate SaaS subscriptions on a company’s behalf.
  • Basically, there’s no way of knowing if BetterCloud will save you money in the long run – it’s a complete roll of the dice, which can be too risky for businesses that are looking to cut costs.
  • BetterCloud is notorious for being difficult to cancel.

Before you start using BetterCloud, you need to become familiar with all its different pricing options. To help you with that, we’ve put together the ultimate list of BetterCloud pricing options. Read on to find out the different subscription tiers BetterCloud offers.

BetterCloud pricing – the 3 different subscription tiers

With BetterCloud, you have the opportunity to customize your subscription in order for it to best suit your company’s needs. There are several tiers available with different features that could make all the difference when customizing and optimizing a successful cloud strategy. Doing some research on these various offerings can help ensure an optimal experience with BetterCloud.

For example, a company that doesn’t work with sensitive data might be better off with the Manage + Platform tier than with the Secure + Platform tier.

Here are the different subscription tiers offered by BetterCloud:

1. Discover + Platform tier

This tier is all about helping you to figure out what SaaS applications are used across your company. That way, you’ll be able to standardize your cloud portfolio among every user in your organization.

On top of that, this tier will also save you some money initially, as it will help you to identify SaaS apps that you’re not using enough. By singling out your redundant cloud apps, BetterCloud will help you identify if your company is wasting money on software that no one is really using. In a few words, this tier can help you cancel SaaS subscriptions that you don’t really need.

The biggest pros of the Discover + Platform tier

These are some of the main advantages that this tier brings to the table: 

  • Companies can centralize and standardize their SaaS administration.
  • Scalable architecture features are included – meaning it can be customized as your company grows.
  • It comes jam-packed with a wide range of automated workflows to save you hours of work on a regular basis.
  • An endless library of customization capabilities to make it adaptable to every industry.
  • Best in class discover module that there is in the SaaS management field, as it recognizes the vast majority of cloud software.
  • Complemented with a good catalog of reporting and analytics tools to help you make smarter business decisions.
  • Top notch, bullet proof security by offering role-based access control options – meaning sensitive data won’t end up in the wrong hands.
  • Improved team collaboration, thanks to full visibility into the applications that all users in an organization are using.
  • Mitigation of security concerns by helping you to remove unapproved apps that can put your company at risk.
A screenshot of one of BetterCloud’s many menus.
A screenshot of one of BetterCloud’s many menus.

2. Manage + Platform

If you’re concerned about your company’s productivity, this BetterCloud subscription tier might be the one for you. Without a doubt, its main focus is eliminating time-consuming manual processes. BetterCloud Manage allows you to automate these processes, letting your team focus on more challenging and rewarding tasks.

The biggest pros of the Manage + Platform tier

Here are some of the main benefits offered by this tier:

  • Frees up time for your teams by automating time-consuming manual tasks, such as data entry or permission assignment, so that they can focus on driving business forward instead.
  • Significant improvements in user experience.
  • A good number of zero-touch management SaaS workflows are included that will speed up your business processes.
  • It can completely automate employee onboarding and offboarding to save you lots of time.
  • Allows bulk changes, so you don’t have to go user by user when making an amendment.
  • There’s an option to suspend users, assign phones, share files and folders and grant users access to new applications in just a couple of clicks.
  • An automated mid-lifecycle amendments offering on SaaS apps.
A screenshot of BetterCloud’s SaaS workflow templates dashboard.
A screenshot of BetterCloud’s SaaS workflow templates dashboard.

3. Secure + Platform

SaaS security is not something that should be taken lightly. As SaaS tools reside in cloud environments, they pose brand-new security concerns that companies need to reckon with. From phishing attacks and sensitive data leaks to the growing security issues that shadow IT presents, SaaS environments are an absolute minefield when it comes to security risks.

And that is precisely why BetterCloud offers this tier, which can help your organization pre-empt threats and identify potential risks in just a few clicks. Let’s see what the safest tier included in the BetterCloud pricing options is all about.

The biggest pros of the Secure + Platform tier

  • Scans your entire SaaS library to identify potential risks and single out malware.
  • Alerts users if their personally identifiable and financial information has been leaked so they can take appropriate action.
  • Offers a good range of proactive security measures that anticipate future problems and allow you to keep an eye out for emerging threats.
  • Helps companies to maintain consistent security policies throughout their entire environments.
  • Centralizes role assignment and permissions, allowing IT managers to know which employees are allowed to use a certain SaaS app.
  • Monitors app usage and alerts your system admins if company software is being used for purposes that put its security system at risk.
  • Offers a good catalog of behavior analytics that help you tackle potentially harmful app usage.
There’s no doubt that SaaS security is of paramount importance in today’s cloud environments.
There’s no doubt that SaaS security is of paramount importance in today’s cloud environments.

As we’ve shown you, these BetterCloud tiers can do many different things for your company. However, there’s something that none of them can achieve reliably – saving you money.

The verdict on BetterCloud pricing options

In a nutshell, each BetterCloud tier allows you to focus on a certain part of your business. The Discover tier represents a solid first point of contact with the SaaS management world, while the Manage tier ramps up your company’s productivity by automating time-consuming tasks. On a similar note, the Secure tier protects your SaaS environment from insider and outsider threats.

But for all its benefits, BetterCloud has a fatal flaw that cannot be ignored – it doesn’t really guarantee that you’ll save money. And in today’s SaaS environment, where companies are subscribed to dozens of different SaaS services, that can easily become a hurdle too big to overcome.

But what if we told you that there’s a SaaS management platform that can offer you everything that BetterCloud does while saving you money? That it can negotiate SaaS contract renewals for your company so that you get the best possible deal? That it can integrate SaaS purchasing, so you can spend more time on the tasks that truly drive your business forward?

Fortunately, such a SaaS management platform exists – and it’s called Quolum

All-in-one SaaS management and cost-cutting solutions with Quolum

Quolum is a SaaS management and SaaS procurement platform that ramps up your productivity and enhances security while helping you to trim down costs.
Quolum is a SaaS management and SaaS procurement platform that ramps up your productivity and enhances security while helping you to trim down costs.

If you’re looking to standardize your cloud portfolio, increase your productivity, protect your company and save thousands of dollars every year, look no further than Quolum. It’s as simple as that. Quolum allows your business to trim down its SaaS spend while remaining productive – and all without jeopardizing SaaS compliance.

At Quolum, we’re strongl convinced that our tool will save you money that we won’t charge you a single penny until we get you savings. On top of that, we also take care of your contract renewals and your SaaS purchasing. This means you can do what you do best because Quolum takes care of the rest. 

And if we find that you’re not using all of your SaaS seats on a certain application, we’ll reclaim your unused capacity to ensure that your money doesn’t go to waste. On average, we’ve helped our clients save an amazing 30% on their SaaS costs. At Quolum, we believe that optimizing your SaaS solutions can go hand in hand with saving money.

It really is a no-brainer. So if you want to reduce your SaaS spend and let the true experts take care of your SaaS procurement, talk to one of our savings experts today and start saving money immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is BetterCloud used for?

Created in 2011, BetterCloud is a centralized SaaS management tool that standardizes a company’s entire SaaS library and gets rid of time-consuming manual tasks by implementing automated SaaS workflows. On top of that, it also identifies security threats, locates redundant software and ensures that companies are compliant with the latest legal regulations.

Is BetterCloud free?

No, BetterCloud isn’t free. Like all the other SaaS management tools, BetterCloud is available on a subscription basis – which can be monthly or yearly. The amount of money that you pay every month (or year) will depend on the tier that you choose and the contract that you negotiate with BetterCloud.

Who are some BetterCloud competitors?

There are dozens of BetterCloud alternatives out there, among which are Productiv, Quolum,  and Zylo. 

Who is Quolum for?

If you’re a tech company that’s tired of flushing hundreds of dollars down the drain on unused SaaS applications every year, Quolum is for you. It’s also perfect for any company that wants to optimize its SaaS usage, level up its security baseline and automate unproductive manual tasks.

About Quolum

Quolum is a full-stack SaaS Spend Management product. Its data-driven renewals, spend controls, license monitoring, contract oversight, and a buying concierge helps companies save millions of dollars in spending.
Quolum is ideal for companies that have hundreds of SaaS tools. Finance, Procurement, IT Teams, and departmental spend owners use Quolum to help manage SaaS sprawl and remove shelf-ware.
Talk to us to get a demo of the product. You can start seeing savings in just a few weeks. No spreadsheets are required.