Powering Responsible Software Consumption

Software is eating the world but unbridled SaaS consumption is creating new challenges of privacy, security, and spend. For SaaS to become ubiquitous in the enterprise, new approaches are needed that keep all stakeholders happy. At Quolum, we are building a new stack to help every company effectively consume SaaS at scale.

Quolum SaaS Card + SaaS Management bundled as one.
Instantly activated, no charge Quolum SaaS Cards for employees
Auto-pay the pending balance using our integration with Plaid
First-month spending limit at $1K
Spend controls
Supported SSO Options: GSuite, Azure AD
Monitor SaaS consumption using IAM data from GSuite and Azure AD
Discover SaaS apps connected with GSuite and Azure AD
Single repository of all your SaaS invoices
Track enterprise spend and utilization by connecting with Enterprise Identity systems, and SaaS apps natively.
Quolum SaaS Card
Auto-pay the pending balance using ACH, Wire, and Plaid
Monthly spending limit based on the average bank account balance
Spend controls, approval workflows, and custom rules
Supported SSO Options: GSuite, Azure AD, and Okta
Monitor SaaS consumption using IAM and 40+ native integrations
Discover SaaS apps from IAM, imported spreadsheets, and manual tagging
Invoice and SaaS Contract Processing
Connect the organization’s use of SaaS apps from Quolum’s growing catalog of 40+ native integrations. These integrations, maintained by us, help retrieve rich insights into the feature-level utilization patterns across the organization.