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Ideal for <$100K in Annual Spend

  • The world’s first and most specialized SaaS Card for Payments
  • Invoice tracking, organization and visibility
  • SaaS utilization tracking across 5000+ apps
  • Spend controls and monitoring
  • SaaS cancellation as a service
  • Zero Cross Currency Charges

For International Customers (non USA/Canada):

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Super Saver Plan

Ideal for >$100K in Annual Spend

  • All Features in the Starter Plan plus:
  • Specialist SaaS buying experts for your sourcing needs
  • Cloud Cost Optimization
  • Detailed FinOps Services and Reporting
  • Repository of Contracts, Invoices and all your documentation requirements
  • Guaranteed Savings

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Connect the organization’s use of SaaS apps from Quolum’s growing catalog of 100+ native integrations. These integrations, maintained by us, help retrieve rich insights into the feature-level utilization patterns across the organization.