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Simple. Ethical. Transparent. Pricing as easy as we make Procurement.

No hidden fees. No foreign exchange charges. No lock-ins. No gated features. Quolum customers can downsize all their SaaS spend effortlessly, including ours. No savings in the first year? Take your money back.


Get started with features to help you Pay and Optimize your SaaS fleet

Ideal for $100K in Annual Spend

  • 25 self-service SaaS Cards
  • First-month organizational spending limit at $2K. Higher with smart-account balances
  • USD Payments only
  • No Card or transaction fees
  • Instantly configurable per card spend limit
  • Cross-currency charges: None
  • SSO Options: GSuite, Azure AD
  • SaaS Cancellation as a Service
  • Invoice aggregation: Forward, upload or direct from vendors
  • Utilization tracking of top SaaS apps


SaaS Payments, Optimization, Renewals and Controls at Scale

Ideal for $1M in Annual Spend

  • Includes all features of the Starter Plan
  • Unlimited self-service SaaS Cards
  • Higher spending limit based on smart-account balance of the connected bank account
  • All major currencies supported
  • Vendor blacklisting and whitelisting
  • Custom Utilization Reports


Full-stack SaaS Procurement--Contracts, Payment, Renewals, Optimization

Ideal for more than $1M in Annual Spend

  • Includes all the goodness of Plus
  • Invoice data extraction
  • SaaS Contracts review and summarization
  • Renewal Tracking and Reminders
  • Contract life-cycle management (negotiation, storage, renewal).
  • Procurement support and recommendations
  • Dedicated SaaS Concierge
Connect the organization’s use of SaaS apps from Quolum’s growing catalog of 40+ native integrations. These integrations, maintained by us, help retrieve rich insights into the feature-level utilization patterns across the organization.