World’s #1 Expense Card designed for buying SaaS

Hassle free payment for all your SaaS purchases using a card backed by modern software. Manage recurring expenses, track consumption, and control spending.

(US/Canada Businesses. More countries coming soon!)

Approvals and Spend Controls

Spending Limit. White-listed SaaS vendors. On-demand suspension. Cards are designed to be used only at the white-listed SaaS vendors. Set pre-defined spend control rules for each card and for the organization.

Approvals and Spend Controls

Purpose Built Software

Quolum Cards are built to support SaaS purchases and renewals. We have built a software stack to help manage SaaS spend with approval chains, department-specific consumption reports, and third-party integrations to bring consumption data.

Consolidated SaaS Bill Every Month

All your SaaS expenses in a single dashboard. Get a consolidated bill for SaaS expenses along with product category, vendor details, and subscription plan.

Fill up a form online using your organization details, and get approval instantly. Connect your corporate bank account to complete the validation and start generating cards for employees in minutes.

No Fee. Signup in minutes.

Get Access

We are onboarding corporations in the US/Canada on a rolling basis. We will get in touch with you and share the application URL.