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World’s #1 Expense Card designed for buying SaaS

Hassle-free payment for all your SaaS purchases. Backed by modern software that manages recurring expenses, disables product trials, and controls spending.

(US/Canada Businesses. More countries coming soon!)

Manage your recurring software expenses

Your uber rides receipts are different from your recurring payments for software. You can use Quolum to double-click into purchases and discover merchant details such as product category, website, and product description.

Recurring expenses are no different than buying the same product over and over. Quolum helps you visualize a product, team, and departmental reports so that you can be intentional about recurring purchases and renewals.

Manage your recurring software expenses

Let us manage your product trials

Our Just-in-time transaction authorizations give you the ability to try a variety of software products without worry. Let us know when you start the trial, and we will make sure you do not get charged accidentally. Convert your trial into a paid subscription if you truly want to.

Product trials are a feature designed to bring users closer to great products. Accidental charges leave a bad taste for the consumers and hurt the reputation of the products.

Approvals and Spend Controls

  • You can define spend control rules for your organization and each card: $500 per month for Jill, $750 per month for Jane, $5000 per month for the whole organization.
  • Cards are designed to be used only at the white-listed SaaS vendors.
  • Suspend and lock cards on-demand.
  • Approve card requests for employees.

SaaS usage is mind-bogglingly exploding. That’s good! But you may not know what your team is already using.

Get the Quolum Visa Card to get visibility into your SaaS purchases.