SaaS 360.
Track spend and measure consumption

Go beyond a simple spreadsheet that shows SaaS apps' inventory and visualize consumption across user, department, and organization.

Holistic App Discovery

Inventory paid and free SaaS apps by discovering them from Finance, IT systems, and spreadsheets.

Get annotated visualitzation of the SaaS applications containing product description, category, and website.

Holistic App Discovery

Manage SaaS Renewals

Recurring expenses compound quickly. While you could buy instantly when the need arises, be thoughtful when renewing SaaS based on utilization and business objectives. Use the dashboard of spend + utilization to visualize upcoming renewals.

Use the login and feature-specific consumption data from SaaS applications. Remove "shelf-ware" and get unambiguous product usage reports.

Tag Shadow IT

Identify un-approved applications and mitigate risks of corporate data landing on applications that IT cannot control.

Take proactive measures to bring new applications within corporate IAM, and take measures to off-board zombie users.

Get Access

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