Don't spend on SaaS you don't use

100s of applications. It’s a mess.

From unused seats, to contracts, to payments. We manage it all.

The best part? Our attention to detail is granular.

Understand your usage deeply

Quolum tracks the metrics that matter, to help you justify your software spend. It’s meetings for Zoom, editors/edits for Figma or boards for Miro.

Understand your usage deeply

Manage Shadow IT

Identify un-approved applications and mitigate risks of corporate data landing on applications that IT cannot control.

Take proactive measures to bring new applications within corporate IAM, and take steps to off-board zombie users.

Your SaaS Concierge

Have an expert team of buyers and managers analyze your usage, manage your renewals and ensure you never overpay for an application again.

The smartest companies are using Quolum to Buy SaaS in a better, more cost-effective and strategic manner

Of 100 companies we spoke to, 96 had unused seats across their tooling.

Quolum finds these savings for you. Minus the effort.