Software Sourcing Done Right. Armed with Data.

Time spent negotiating contracts is time not spent building and selling.

What’s worse? You leave money on the table.

SaaS contract management. Redefined.

34% of SaaS contracts see overcharges at renewal simply because no one tracks the renewals, and last-minute negotiations need to be more adequately informed.

The Quolum contracts dashboard is the most extensive on the market. In addition to automated reminders, Quolum summarizes the key terms of the agreement, so you don’t need to bother your lawyers with simple questions.

SaaS contract management. Redefined.

Data driven negotiations

Companies often negotiate contracts blindly, without key data on what they should pay, how much they actually use, and the standard market protections. Don't miss out on informed decision-making.

Quolum’s expert teams protect you from these costly mistakes, allowing your leadership team to focus on their actual job descriptions.

Continuous Monitoring for Savings Potential

Quolum sourcing isn't just a one-time fix. By tracking your payments and consumption data, we can actively determine if you are achieving a positive return on investment (ROI) from your SaaS purchases.

If your ROI is negative, we step in, escalate the issue, and do our best to add that money back to your bottom line.

Software Sourcing without expertise is expensive, time-consuming, and reduces productivity of your most valuable employees.

Let the experts save you from these expensive mistakes.